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Mr. Pancake Man

Posted in Thailand by k1ngsize on 29/01/2009



Have you been to Thailand? Have you tried banana pancakes? If not, you should. You can buy them from an occasional vendor, and it will be fine. Or you can go straight to this man – Mr. Khun Lek, Mr. Pancake Man. And I strongly recommend you to do it. He bakes his delicious pancakes for 14 years and he’s a perfectionist in everything. He loves his job, he loves his customers. You always leave his place with a happy smile on your face. You always want to come back. It’s not just about pancakes – it’s about good things in life.

You can find his cafe in Maenam, right after an arch with a big sign ‘BEACH WAY’ and right in front of a sign ‘MAENAM RESORT’.


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  1. Koh Samui Thailand Resort said, on 28/02/2009 at 7:18 am

    Wowoww !!

    I wanna eat it all !!

    So good trip and I like to travel in Koh Samui too.

    This is site about Koh Samui.

    Koh Samui Thailand Resort

    Thanks you.

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